Monday, September 6, 2010

Grand Tower Permanent

It's time for September's ride. After today, assuming I make it, there will only be TWO rides left for the R-12 Award! Yea! It's 5:00 and time to go. The temperature will be in the upper 80's (pretty nice, I'd say) and the wind will be out of the South at 12 - 15 mph with gusts to 18. I'm starting early, so by the time the wind picks up, I'll be headed west then north and it will be OK. The only time I'll have to fight the wind will be coming back from the Zeigler control, but that will only be about 20 miles. Not too bad, I would say.

I always like the first light of morning. I think I'll save this picture for the cover of my first record album.

The view from S. Wolf Creek is breathtaking. Say what you want about Pennsylvania, Oregon, or Detroit (Detroit?), but they got nothing on us.

Shadow rider is feeling frisky today. He's always out in front of me when we start. I'm not going to panic, I know that I'll catch him by lunch time, I always do, and he'll be bringing up the rear when we head for the house later this afternoon, as usual.

Andrew Jackson was the first American President to begin removing Native Americans from their homelands in the south and relocating them in "Indian Country" in the West. By 1837, approximately 46,000 Native Americans had been relocated to make room for Non-native Americans to settle in the Southern States. Many DNF'd on the trip.

Farm land in the river bottoms near the Mississippi river is rich and productive.

The Big Muddy River isn't at flood stage, but it's full.

Someday, I have to learn to pose for a picture without looking like I've posed for the picture. Oh well. That's the mighty Mississippi behind me.

Grand Tower Rock. Lewis and Clark stayed here in 1803.

An American family farm. I thought I might as well get a picture of one now. Soon they'll all belong to Monsanto.

All these people spent their Labor Day in their vehicles going someplace they hoped would be fun. I had fun all day on my Labor Day going someplace and getting back on my bicycle.

Finally back at the start/stop control. Huck's Food Store in Marion. Notice that the top half of my safety flag is missing? It must have blown off in the wind after the Zeigler control. You would think that Shadow Rider would have let me know - he WAS behind me coming home, as usual. I'll have to buy another one now; and glue it together this time.